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Band or DJ?

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Get this: It’s your wedding day. The day has been absolutely perfect so far, tears have been shed, vows have been made, you and your new spouse are on cloud 9 and look good too. You’re on your way to your reception to start the party and all you want to do is dance. Your dance floor’s energy is solely based on the entertainment you choose for your big day. Will it be a DJ or a live band?

Your entertainment of choice will typically be with you during your ceremony to play your prelude music, your processional music, and your recessional music. They’ll continue on with you at your reception for cocktail hour music, dinner music, and then switch to dancing when the night is ready to take that turn. The decision shouldn’t be taken lightly since this will be a major part of your big day.

This is a really tough decision for a lot of couples. What will you enjoy most? What will your guests enjoy most? How do we make a decision?? Here is my list of pros and cons to hopefully help you decide which is best for your special day to ensure you and your guests can dance the night away!



  1. Live music is great at getting people pumped up to dance.
  2. It’s a little more unique than a DJ with the experience it offers. 
  3. You can truly pick a specific style that fits your wedding best whether that be a swing band, a rock band, or another style that you both enjoy. 
  4. More people to interact with your guests during dancing.


  1. Music is limited based on what the band knows how to play. 
  2. Typically more expensive as they are breaking up the cost of the night between all band members.
  3. You’ll need to pay for more people for dinner and drinks (yes, you should always supply your vendors with a meal and beverage package). This can get costly if you have multiple band members. 
  4. They take up more space in your venue with all the equipment needed which could take up a portion of your dance floor or just make your venue more cramped. 



  1. Typically less expensive than a band. 
  2. Can take song requests and change music based on what the crowd enjoys as well as play a wide range of music.
  3. They take up a very small portion of your venue, typically just a 6 to 8 foot table and a small space for their speakers. 
  4. Usually offer a more personal experience during planning including choosing your songs in advance and personalized songs throughout the night during specific activities. 


  1. A very standard option for weddings, so if you’re looking for something different this may not be it. 
  2. There isn’t really an entertainment aspect to this like there would be watching band members play the music. Just a person with their laptop and equipment. 
  3. Your entire night of dancing is dependent on the success of one person mixing the right music instead of an entire band with multiple members to get people excited. 

Ultimately, your choice in entertainment is dependent on the style of your wedding and the style of you as a couple. If you’re indecisive and truly can’t decide, consider having live music during your ceremony, during cocktail hour and dinner time then switching to a DJ for dancing so you truly get the best of both worlds. Here in Buffalo, we have a company called Saxman Slim. Their DJs will play the saxophone during your ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner and then switch to being your DJ so you are only dealing with one company during planning and one person on the day of your wedding. They will even play their sax on top of a popular song and combine the two for a more personalized experience, it’s really neat! 

Let me know in the comments which option you prefer whether from a guest’s perspective or the couple’s perspective and why! I’d love to hear your thoughts!  

By Jillian Moss

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