In March of 2017, my boyfriend (now fiancé) and I moved into a new apartment together. I grew up with a family dog, and my boyfriend grew up with 2-3 dogs in the house at all times. Needless to say, an apartment with just the two of us was lonely, and if we were going to make living together work without driving each other crazy, we were going to need a little furball to love. My boyfriend thought it would be best to wait a few months to get a furchild so we could truly settle into our new apartment and get used to each other’s schedules, but I was getting lonelier and emptier and begged and begged until he finally caved. 

I really wanted to rescue, so we visited the local dog shelters for a few weeks. We had just recently gotten a brand new dog shelter in our area that everyone wanted to visit, which resulted in a lot of competition in trying to adopt those dogs (which was an amazing thing for the babies in the shelter) and we were limited to a dog under 35 lbs due to (annoying) apartment restrictions. I started looking at rescue groups and foster groups in the area, but a lot of them had restrictions such as needing to be over 25 to adopt (as if my age had anything to do with the love I would show this baby dog), needing to have a backyard, and a few other things along the way. I was starting to feel discouraged that we wouldn’t find the right baby for us. 

One day I stumbled upon I was able to narrow down my search to any breed under 35lbs, and was able to look at dogs all throughout the country that were able to be transported to us. I finally came across a Corgi Terrier Mix named Jackie Little. He had these giant ears that I fell in love with. When I saw him I literally ran to my boyfriend and said “look, this is my dog!” He told me to send in the application to the volunteer rescue that took him in from the bad situation he was in prior (which I unfortunately have no details about). 

Days had gone by and I hadn’t heard anything from the rescue and was starting to get discouraged. I started looking at the site again and was close to applying for a few more applications, but every time I went to apply for them something told me not to because I felt that Mr. “Jackie Little” was meant to be my baby. 

One night, my boyfriend and I were in the middle of having a movie night when my mom called. She told me that she just got off the phone with Jackie Little’s rescue (I put her as my reference), and that they planned to be calling in the next few minutes to discuss this precious boy. I actually remember screeching out loud scaring my boyfriend half to death and abruptly paused the movie and sat there with my in my hand waiting for the call. 

We spoke with his foster mom for a solid 45 minutes about what his personality was like, what he liked, what he disliked, and all other sorts of fun things. She said that he needed to be with a young couple due to the amount of energy he has and his needs. She said that if we were interested after hearing this information we could send in his adoption fee, sign the paperwork, and he would be on the next transport from his current home in South Carolina to his new home in Buffalo, NY. It was an absolute yes for us. 

The day he was getting in on the transport was Saturday, May 6th. I had to go into work early as we had our largest wedding (300 people) of the season that day. My boyfriend drove about an hour away to meet the transport at the drop off location (totally sketchy parking lot near a thruway) by himself. He said that when the truck pulled up, the guy opened the back of the truck and there were small crates with hay in them stacked from the floor to the ceiling. The guy opened one small crate (that was way too small for our baby, especially for a 13 hour drive) and just straight handed Jackie Little over to him.

I spent the whole day preparing for and coordinating the wedding while receiving the cutest pictures of my new furbaby. I don’t even remember leaving work and driving home I was so excited, but I remember opening the door to my apartment and hearing the cutest deep bark from the game room, where Mr. Jackie Little – now Griffin (Gryffindor) Severus (Potterhead problems) – already looked to be at home snuggled on my 5ft beanbag chair. This little wiggly butt boy ran right over to me and started giving me kisses, and instantly rolled over for tummy rubs. I was told the first thing he did when he got in the house was sniffed his way to our bedroom and jumped directly onto our bed (in which we swore he would not sleep with us, but that he’d sleep next to our bed in his own doggy bed). 

Griffin is now getting ready to spend his 3rd “Gotcha Day” with us (we don’t know his actual birthday or even his age) and absolutely sleeps in the bed right between us every night. He loves playing fetch and tug of war. He outruns every single dog at the dog park, and loves to instigate and be chased by all the other dogs. He’s obsessed with food, and has a begging problem that we are working on. He also has a pretty extreme case of separation anxiety in which he tore up most of our apartment and belongings and loved to potty in the house, but we’ve slowly been getting over that as he learns to trust us more. Griffin is also spoiled and gets to go to Camp Bow Wow on Tuesdays and Thursday to play with his puppy pals and burn off some energy.

Griffin is the love of our life and I really couldn’t picture my life without him. He’s a total goofball and diva all in one. He’s gotten me through some emotional rough patches and keeps me company when his dad goes to the cabin with the boys for a weekend. He really was made for us and I’m so happy that we were chosen to be his parents. He’s my own little mascot! 

If you want to follow Griffin’s adventures, head over to Instagram and follow @griffinthecorgimix. I promise you’ll be loaded with adorable pictures of this sweet boy, and a few laughs as well! He also loves making friends, as long as you aren’t entering his house or touching his mom or dad! 

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