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Hey there! I’m Jillian…

That’s my fiancé, Drew, and our puppy child, Griffin. I’m a Buffalo, NY native here to help you plan your special day. I also hope to alleviate some of the stress in your decisions. As a wedding and event planner, I’ve played a part in planning over 250 weddings over the past few years. I’m currently planning my own wedding to my absolute dream guy. My special day is going to be November 21, 2020 here in Buffalo!

I often get comments from friends, family and acquaintances saying that when their time came to plan their own wedding, they’d be absolutely lost. When my turn came along, I realized that it must be incredibly difficult and stressful to get thrown into planning a wedding when you truly have no idea where to begin or all the different things you need to do. I’m here to make things a little easier for you.

Here’s a few more random facts about me:

  • I’m a dog mom to a Corgi mix named Griffin (Gryffindor, like Harry Potter). He’s the cutest, most handsome pain in the butt and he’s my best friend. 
  • I’ve been to 29 countries and counting. I’ll tell you all about my favorite spots so you can plan your honeymoon!
  • I’ve helped plan a variety of other events including bridal and baby showers, galas, conferences, trade shows, parades, meetings, and more! I plan to share some insight on these as well.
  • My favorite things in the world are chocolate and pasta. I could easily live off them if I could magically not gain any weight. 
  • I’m a Potterhead (Harry Potter fan)
  • My favorite place to be is home with my dog. Add a cup of tea or hot chocolate, turn on the fireplace, and I’m good!

If you ever have any topics you’d like to have covered please feel free to reach out! I’m doing this to make your planning experience a little less stressful so you can truly enjoy the magical experience of marrying the love of your life! 

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